Biden's decision to seize and split Afghanistan's Central Bank reserves as the nation sinks into poverty has received widespread ire.
The IS leader has died in a US raid, leaving behind questions of his identity, how he evaded capture, and the narrative of his death.
In just over a week, the Taliban have captured almost all of Afghanistan and are asking for Kabul's surrender.
Decision 1400 (with Ruhollah Nakhaee)Listen now (44 min) | A discussion about the upcoming Iranian presidential election with Shargh reporter Ruhollah Nakhaee.
An explainer of all seven approved candidates running in the Iranian presidential election.
Saeed Mohammad is the first active-duty presidential candidate in Iranian history, but can his precedent-breaking campaign win?
Iranian reformists face an uncertain future as they desperately try to find a presidential candidate that has any chance of winning.
Despite the bafflement of many, Saudi Arabia's Neom continues to be developed. But who is it for? Will it ever come to fruition?
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Séamus Malekafzali